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How Do Your Partnerships Operate? 

How Does the Money Part Work?

Masino Racing forms one general partnership for each thoroughbred and that partnership lasts until the horse is retired or sold (privately, at auction or through the claiming process).  Each partner shares in their percentage of the operating expenses relating to the care and management of the horse, as well as the portion of the purse winnings owners receive.  Expenses and purse earnings are shown on a monthly bill we send to each partner showing the key items occurring the prior month for the financial aspects of managing your horse.  Many of our partners like that we are actually pretty unique in that we bill you actual amounts every month for the prior month whereas most partnerships tend to bill a quarterly estimate a full 3 months in advance and then reconcile amounts later.  You see what is happening on a very timely basis and there is no fussing with trying to recall what happened several months ago and getting caught up in quarterly reconciliations. 

As far as managing the horse, all major decisions in regarding a horse’s career are shared in detail with all partners, with the staff at Masino Racing using its extensive experience to make all the decisions regarding managing the horse.  We will let you know how the horse is coming along is it has yet to race and if a horse is in training we will pass on observations our staff makes in conjunction with what the trainer sees.  With respect to races we will keep you informed about the plans for each horse.

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