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How does Masino Racing Charge for its Services to Us?

Partnerships generally have three forms of charges they use as their source of revenues.  They are:

  1. Markup – The price you pay will be more than what we pay for the horse and is for most entities in this business the primary source of revenue. It represents compensation for the extensive experience of the management team and their advisors in identifying what they believe could be an exciting thoroughbred for their partnership group. Masino Racing is proud to say its efficient operating structure allows us to offer one of the lowest markups in the business. While it varies by horse we are often a fraction of what other syndicates charge since we pride ourselves in our efficient cost structure.

  2. Monthly Management Fee – Some Syndicates will include this in their mark-up so it is important to just understand each component of the financial relationship when purchasing a thoroughbred. At Masino Racing our contracts limit this fee to $500 a month in total and now we only charge $350 a month for horses in training and $200 for those either on rest or in the initial breaking process to prepare them for race training.

  3. Purse Sharing Percentage – We share in the purse earnings to the extent of 5% of what is allocated to the horse we manage in a race.

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