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What are the ongoing expenses of owning a racehorse?

It costs approximately $4,000 a month to have a horse in training for a race that tends to occur once a month barring injury or a few months for a periodic rejuvenation during which time the cost is generally under $1,000 a month.  You pay your percentage of expenses based on our monthly invoices that show the total expense for the item and your share using your ownership percentage.  Typical monthly expenses include:

  • $3,000 Training – A trainer feeds, houses, exercises and regularly watches the progress

  • $250-$500 Veterinarian – Costs vary in each case and often increase closer to race days

  • $350 Management Fee – A fee charged to help defray administrative expenses

  • $100-$200 Miscellaneous – Shoeing, race day costs, etc.


That computes to about $400/month per 10% of ownership, and of course is reduced by any winnings you receive.  In any month when winnings exceed expenses you may request that a check be sent to you at any time.

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