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What types of partnerships do you offer?

We run the gamut as far as what type of Thoroughbred you can get involved with.  We offer:

Yearlings – Horses we purchase at auctions generally a year before they will race.  Those who purchase yearlings generally like to see its growth as it prepares to race hopefully as a two-year old, but often a first race might not be until they reach their 3rd birthday on January 1st (the date all horses advance another year form their birth year to ease the complexity of race categorization).

Two Year Old’s – We also visit the 2-year-old auctions for those of our partners who hope they do not have to wait as long to get to the racing.  The tradeoff can be that they cost more, but you have the benefit of seeing how they have matured and get to see them do a workout at top speed at the auction.

Claiming partnerships – We occasionally will acquire a horse through the claiming process if some of our partners wish to do so.  This often occurs before the Del Mar Meet since purses are larger than our West Coast tracks.  Claiming has the advantage of potentially having a horse ready to race within a month, but there is minimal diligence involved in the process and no pre-vetting a horse so it is a higher risk.

As you can see there is something for everyone and we pride ourselves in staying close to our partners to get them what they desire.  Our partnerships offer all investment ranges with a 10% interest generally in the range of $4,000-$10,000, but we will go higher for what we think may be a special horse.  In this core range, our goal is to secure a horse that we believe has the potential to compete with the top 25% of the horses on the more highly regarded race tracks like Santa Anita and Del Mar.  While this is our goal, thoroughbred racing is very unpredictable and you never know how a horse will mature and compete.  We just believe that at this price point we make things more affordable for our partners yet give them a chance to have an exciting runner.

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