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Can you tell me more about yourselves?

Joe Masino, the founder and CEO of Masino Racing has over 30 years’ experience in the Thoroughbred industry. He began Class Racing Stable in 1995 and built it into one of the more recognized names in racing before selling it to a racing enthusiast several years ago and forming Masino Racing.  Joe has multiple graded stakes wins and with Reraise he and his partners won the coveted Breeder’s Cup Trophy which is considered to be one of the pinnacles of racing.  He has built relationships throughout all areas of thoroughbred racing positioning him to use his keen eye and network to select prospects that we believe have a better than typical chance of exciting their owners.  During his years, he has partnered with hundreds of new owners, and he and his team love introducing them to all the aspects of racing using their skills and patience to bring along any enthusiast from the time they purchase their first horse through the time they become a full horseman!!  His vision and goals for the future and knowledge of this great sport is why he continues to focus on achieving the highest levels of success that Thoroughbred racing has to offer.


Joe is supported by Mark Stephens And Kerry Showalter who assist in much of the “behind the scenes” work and are partner facing members.  They each have many years of thoroughbred racing under their belt and support Joe with the technical and administrative aspects of running the business.  Mark as a retired Ernst & Young Partner adds to the financial aspects of our business and Kerry as a computer specialist is our IT resource.  You also see them at races and come to know them as additional people who can help meet your racing needs.

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