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What is Masino Racing Stable?

Masino Racing is a company that runs and manages horse racing partnerships.  Given that the cost of purchasing and training a thoroughbred can be expensive, many people have enjoyed partial ownership by sharing the costs with others.  This further enables many people to have an interest in multiple thoroughbreds whereby they see more racing and spread out their risk.  The company is led by Joe Masino, who has over 30 years of experience in all facets of the Thoroughbred racing industry and has been in the business of syndicating and managing thoroughbreds for over two decades.  Our approach to ownership follows our motto of “Thoroughbred Ownership Made Easy” by having simplified agreements supporting your ownership interest, and easy to understand invoices that clearly show your share of the costs as well as your share of any winnings each month.  We are the racing syndicate that treats you like you own the entire horse!!

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