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If we could answer that question responsibly we would probably be in a different business.  The truth is over the years we have seen everything from a $9,500 auction purchase in 2009 with winner Mine That Bird to the topper, $4,000,000 for 2000 winner Fusaichi Pegasus.  We think that is what makes this business so interesting.  There is a chance of having a real nice runner without necessarily paying an outrageous amount of money.  However, sorting through all the opportunities is the challenge and no one has figured out how to do it consistently.  


We at Masino Racing strive to find horses at a fair price compared to how we hope they will perform.  Sometimes we are fortunate and have a runner who earns many times their auction price.  Other times horses that appeared to be a good value don't result in a success.  That's why we want our partners to enjoy the excitement of what might happen but never invest with funds they need for future life purposes.  Thoroughbred ownership is so very exciting for what might happen, and investing in thoroughbreds is right for people who know it's all about the thrill and not about an expected return.  Yes it is true one big success can be a wonderful return, but you just can not go into this expecting that.


With that background click on the link below and take a look.  It is very interesting!!!!!


 Kentucky Derby Winner Auction Prices  


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