10-07-20 Navarones Legend finishes 5th at Albuquerque Downs

10-04-20 Dreams of Valor runs 4th at Santa Anita

09-27-20 Cupid's Claws takes the G3 Tokyo City Cup at Santa Anita

09-19-20 Navarones Legend runs 8th at Albuquerque Downs

08-23-20 Dreams of Valor finishes out of the money in the G2 Del Mar Mile

08-22-20 Western Smoke runs 10th at Del Mar

08-14-20 Navarones Legend ran at Albuquerque Downs

08-02-20 Western Smoke runs 5th at Del Mar

08-01-20 Dreams of Valor finishes 3rd at Del Mar

07-10-20 Dreams of Valor runs 2nd at Del Mar

07-05-20 Western Smoke runs 2nd at Los Alamitos

06-06-20 Dreams of Valor finishes 2nd at Santa Anita

05-16-20 Istanbul runs back at Santa Anita

03-06-20 Dreams of Valor finishes 3rd at SA

02-29-20 Chosen Vessel DNF at Santa Anita

02-02-20 Western Smoke finishes 5th at SA

01-31-20 Exotic Beauty 2nd at Sunland

01-24-20 Dreams of Valor Turf Mile SA WINS!!

01-19-20 Western Smoke has first race at SA

01-04-20 Chosen Vessel 4th in G2 San Gabriel

12-31-19 Exotic Beauty 5th at Sunland

12-01-19 Dreams of Valor finishes 3rd at Del Mar.

12-01-19 Chosen Vessel runs 5th in the G2 Hollywood Turf Cup.

11-10-19 Dreams of Valor runs 6th at Del Mar.

11-03-19 Chosen Vessel WINS at Santa Anita.

10-29-19 Exotic Beauty WINS at Zia Park.

10-27-19 Navarones Legend 9th at Zia.

10-08-19 Exotic Beauty runs 2nd at Zia Park.

09-28-19 Dreams of Valor finishes 6th at Golden Gate.

09-22-19 Chosen Vessel runs 2nd at Golden Gate.

09-10-19 Jazz Town runs out at Albuquerque Downs.

08-30-19 Chosen Vessel wins at Del Mar.

08-28-19 Exotic Beauty runs 3rd at Albuquerque.

08-10-19 Dreams of Valor runs 6th at Del Mar.

08-07-19 Jazz Town runs 2nd at Albuquerque.

08-03-19 Exotic Beauty runs 5th in the slop at Albuquerque.

07-31-19 Princess Jazz finishes 8th at Albuquerque.

07-31-19 Chosen Vessel finishes 4th at Del Mar.

07-24-19 Jazz Town runs 4th at Albuquerque.

07-21-19 Dreams of Valor finishes 3rd at Del Mar.

07-06-19 Jazz Town tires at Albuquerque.

07-03-19 Princess Jazz fades at Albuquerque.

05-27-19 Chosen Vessel  4th at GG

05-25-19 Jazz Town runs 7th at Sunray

05-11-19 Chosen Vessel 8th at SA

05-04-19 Dreams of Valor 2 back SA

04-28-19 Point to Point back at TUP

04-28-19 Jazz Town 2nd at Sunland

04-23-19 Exotic Beauty 5th at Sunland

04-12-19 Chosen Vessel 3rd closing SA

04-07-19 Dreams of Valor nosed at SA

04-07-19 Point to Point 4th at TUP

04-07-19 Princess Jazz Sunland WIN!

03-25-19 Point to Point  7th at TUP

03-17-19 Princess Jazz 2nd at Sunland

03-16-19 Exotic Beauty 3rd at Sunland

02-16-19 Jazz Town runs out at Sunland

02-16-19 Point to Point runs out at Sunland

02-16-19 Exotic Beauty runs out at Sunland

02-02-19 Jazz Town wins at Sunland Park.

01-22-19 Point to Point finishes 3rd Sunland

01-06-19 Exotic Beauty runs out @ Sunland

01-04-19 Chosen Vessel runs 2nd at SA

12-31-18 Dreams of Valor runs out @ Golden Gate. 

12-11-I8  Princess Jazz runs out at Zia Park.

11-27-18  Jazz Town WINS!! at Zia Park

11-26-18  Point to Point 4th in MSW at Zia 

11-25-18  Dreams of Valor 5th in DMR Allow

11-17-18  Istanbul 4th on Turf at DMR

11-13-18  Jazz Town off the board at Zia

11-02-18  Dreams of Valor WINS!! Wires SA

10-30-18  Exotic Beauty WINS!! at Zia Park

10-29-18  Princess Jazz WINS!! at Zia Park 

10-27-18  Dreams of Valor 3rd in SA dirt 7f

10-23-18  Jazz Town runs 4th at Zia Park

10-08-18  Point To Point runs out at SA 

09-10-18  Jazz Town 2nd at Albuquerque

08-18-18  Istanbul finishes back in 6f MSW sprint at Del Mar

08-18-18  Dreams of Valor fades in Turf Allowance at Del Mar

08-10-18  Jazz Town 4th in Albuquerque speed duel

08-05-18  Princess Jazz 7th in Allowance at Albuquerque

08-03-18  Point to Point 8th at Del Mar for her first outing

07-29-18  Istanbul impressive 2nd in MSW debut at Del Mar

07-28-18  Dreams of Valor 2nd by nose in Turf Mile Del Mar Allowance

07-25-18  Exotic Beauty squeezed at break in Albuqerque finishing 6th

07-21-18  Jazz Town falls to speed duel at Albuquerque finishing 7th

07-18-18  Princess Jazz finishes 6th at Albuquerque

07-04-18  Exotic Beauty finishes 3rd closing at Lone Star.

06-29-18  Jazz Town breaks poorly and runs out at Albuquerque.

06-15-18  Exotic Beauty runs wide at Lone Star.

06-14-18  Dreams of Valor WINS!!  Gate to Wire Turf Mile at Santa Anita.

05-28-18  Jazz Town runs out at SunRay Park.

05-18-18  Princess Jazz runs out at Lone Star Park.

05-18-18  Dreams of Valor runs 4th at Santa Anita.

05-13-18  Exotic Beauty runs out at Lone Star.

04-26-18  Not Too Shiny  finishes 7th in a 5 1/2 dirt claimer at Santa Anita.

04-20-18  Dreams of Valor finished 6th in Turf Downhill at Santa Anita.

04-17-18  Princess Jazz  WINS!! Romps in 6f MSW at Sunland Park.

04-08-18  Not Too Shiny fades to the back in 25K Downhill at Santa Anita

04-07-18  Dreams of Valor runs 7th 4 1/2 lengths off the winner

04-01-18  Princess Jazz finishes 3rd at Sunland Park.

03-25-18  Exotic Beauty  Runs 5th in the $200,000 Sunland Park Oaks

02-27-18  Princess Jazz finishes 4nd at Sunland Park.

02-25-18  Exotic Beauty finishes 5th in the $75,000 Island Fashion Stakes.

02-10-18  Dreams of Valor closes to finish 4th at Santa Anita

02-06-18  Princess Jazz finishes 2nd at Sunland Park.

02-02-17  Not Too Shiny runs 6th at Santa Anita.

01-28-18  Exotic Beauty finishes 6th in the $65,000 El Paso Times Stakes.

01-14-18  Gio Star finishes 10th at Santa Anita.

12-26-17  Dreams of Valor finishes 6th at Santa Anita.

12-11-17  Princess Jazz runs 2nd at Zia Park.

11-16-17  Gio Star runs out at Del Mar.

11-10-17  Enchanted Jasmine runs 4th at Golden Gate.

10-29-17  Dreams of Valor runs 8th at Santa Anita.

10-20-17  Enchanted Jasmine runs 4th at Golden Gate.

10-05-17  Not Too Shiny runs 9th at Santa Anita.

10-05-17  Dreams of Valor runs 7th at Santa Anita.

09-09-17  Enchanted Jasmine 2nd at Golden Gate.

09-01-17  Dreams of Valor WINS MSW at Del Mar.

08-27-17  Not Too Shiny runs 8th at Del Mar.

08-18-17  All Your Jazz finishes 1st and claimed at Albuquerque.

08-16-17  Not Too Shiny runs 3rd at Del Mar.

08-13-17  Enchanted Jasmine WINS at Santa Rosa.


race results


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